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Disposable Dinner Plate, Bowl, Fork, Spoon, Knife, Wine Glass, Shot Glass, Tea Cup

Serve Food and Drink by Style!

We have a wide selection of plates in different styles, sizes, and shapes! We also have a variety of disposable drink-ware to toast a glass of wine or have a sip of a margarita!

If your stylish disposable plates need a good set of matching forks and knives, then don't worry we have utensils as well!

Once you get your hands on this disposable dishware, you will never need to worry about the dreadful task of cleaning the dishes after a party. You can easily just throw them away!

Shop our Value Sets

Our collection carries different plate styles and sizes, we have both square and round shape plates and a wide selection of disposable drinkware as far as wine and margarita glasses.Check out our Fancy Disposable Drinkware!


“Keep calm your party is on us!”

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